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1. You must fill out the application we give you using the LJ-Cut.

2. To post your application in our community you must go to our userinfo page and click on the blue pencil at the top, there u will be able to post.

3. The members of the community will comment on your application with yes or no.

4. If you are accepted you are now allowed to post in the community, if not DON'T POST only if an application.

5. If you are rejected, you have one more chance to re-apply.

6. In this community you can talk about whatever you want. Don't forget everyone is here to help everyone.


Get to know you better
1. Your name::
2. Where do you live::
3. Gender::
4. Age::
5. sexuality::
6. what do others label you as::
7. What grade are you in::

1. Hangout::
2. Food::
3. Store::
4. Bands/Singers::
5. Guy/Girl in Hollywood::
6. Song::
7. Tv Shows

Have You Ever
1. Drank Alchohol::
2. smoked::
3. done a drug::
4. made out::
5. stolen anything::
6. been in a fist fight::

Thiss or That
1. Christina/Britney::
2. abercrombie/hot topic::
3. abercrombie/hollister::
4. prep/punk/emo::

1. your school::
2. how the guys and girls act::
3. dating status::
4. type of guys you like::
5. your friends::
6. town::
7. your life::

1. Why do you think you'd be a good addition to our community?::

2. Post a Picture of yourself:: sorry it's mandatory :)

3. How'd You find out about our community?::